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Postnatal care

Every family is elegible for postnatal care. After returning home, I will support and guide you in the following areas:- Postnatal check up- Postnatal scarring aftercare- Babycare guidance- Advice and support with breast- or bottlefeeding- Medical tests of newborn babies (Guthrie test and Bilirubin     bloodtest)- Support with crying and restlessness as well as advice on how to carry your baby etc.

Home visits up to 56 days after birth are payed for by the health insurance.(Krankenkasse)Please contact me in good time for the postnatal care programme, ideally before the 30th week of pregnancy. In that way we will get to know each other during an informal discussion, before the birth of your baby

Breastfeeding support

Do you need support with breastfeeding? If so, I will advise you sensitively and professionally in all areas of breastfeeding. If nursing is painful, you will be in safe hands with me. 
I also offer home visits in the Kanton of Zug. I charge a flat rate of CHF. 20.00 for the first 60 minutes and a further CHF 5.00 for every aditional 30 minutes.
Please get in touch via telephone or Email in order to arrange an appointment.
A breastfeeding consultation costs CHF 85.00 - 3 breastfeeding consultations are covered by health insurance.

Sleep advice for infants

During an infant sleep advice consultation '1001 kindernacht' you will find out everything about children's sleep development. In order to improve sleeping patterns, we'll discuss various approaches, which will help to calm your situation. The consultation takes into account the needs of all family members and is tailored around general infant sleep development. 
I also offer home visits within Kanton Zug. I charge a flat rate of CHF 30.00 for the first 60 minutes and a further CHF 5.00 for every additional 30 minutes. 
A sleep advice consultation costs CHF 85.00 and is not part of the health insurance's mandatory obligation. However, if still breastfeeding, it is possible to treat it as one of the 3 breastfeeding consultations, covered by the insurance



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